Tools used by Private Investigators in New Orleans

Tools used by Private Investigators in New Orleans!

Due to the development of technology, there are so many tools that have been made that investigators can use them while they are carrying out their activities. These tools have been designed in such a way that one cannot realize that the investigator is using them. Some of the best Tools used by Private Investigators in New Orleans are:

Tiny audio recorder- Although it is the smallest tool in the world for recording audio it has features which make it be sensitive and produce high-quality sound when the investigator is listening to the conversations.

GPS tracker- It is used to gathering data about the location where one is doing investigations.

Micro bionic super ear- This kind of tool can allow the investigator to hear secretly from very far distances. It is tiny, has a skin tone color and is lightweight so that the investigator who wears it can listen to from far distances without any individual knowing that he/she is wearing it.

Wireframe surveillance sunglasses- They can keep the glare out the investigators’ eyes, and they also contain mirrors at the inside so that the wearer can see what is behind him/her

Pen recorder- It gives one the ability to take notes while recording audio conversations. You can record or write a statement while the pen is in your pocket.